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Tile Profiles /Tile Trims

  • Tile Angle Trim

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    Tile Angle Trim

    New home decoration, many people think that the tile is attached, as long as it is not the best, it is the best. In addition to this, the corners are also edged, and the tile angle trim can be used to make the tiles look uniform. The word line makes it easy to think of art...Read More

  • Right Angle Tile Trim

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    Right Angle Tile Trim

    Green and environmentally friendly, since these products are selected as environmentally-friendly raw materials, they can be effectively placed in the house to ensure odorlessness, and because there is no paint process in the overall decoration, it also solves the decoration...Read More

  • Black Tile Corner Trim

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    Black Tile Corner Trim

    The black tile corner trim is an optional auxiliary material for construction, mainly for the convenience of the construction process, and is generally favored by the constructor, because the constructor can effectively save construction time and improve installation...Read More

  • Tile Edges And Corners

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    Tile Edges And Corners

    Tile edges and corners are easy to install, save time, save labor, save materials, do not need extra edging, trimming, just tidy with tiles The metal-reinforced stainless steel decorative wire is oxidized by high temperature, rubbed and brushed, and looks rough, and the...Read More

  • Silver Tile Trim Corners

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    Silver Tile Trim Corners

    Silver tile trim corners can add a family atmosphere, wild corners, soft color, simple lines, can ease the weight of the heart, give us a sense of ease and joy, wake us up to the desire to go home. Silver tile trim corners features: simple production process, high efficiency,...Read More

  • Tile Corner Trim Rose Gold

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    Tile Corner Trim Rose Gold

    Tile corner trim black is widely used in the decoration of shopping malls, buildings, supermarkets, bunks, interiors, kitchens, living rooms and other wooden floors to decorate the edges and close the realm. Features: Simple production process, high efficiency, wide variety,...Read More

  • Rounded Corner Tile Trim

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    Rounded Corner Tile Trim

    Rounded corner tile trim is generally used for splicing between tiles. In addition to saving construction time, improving construction efficiency and reducing construction difficulty, it can also reduce the tile level caused by the builders. Make a decoration when it is not...Read More

  • Ceramic Tile Outside Corner Trim

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    Ceramic Tile Outside Corner Trim

    The ceramic tile outside corner trim, which is not made of steel, has a bright appearance. It is a good choice for the finishing of the wall tiles. When purchasing the metal edge strips, pay attention to the purity of the stainless steel and avoid the purchase of inferior...Read More

  • Cutting Tile Trim Corners

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    Cutting Tile Trim Corners

    Cutting tile trim corners are decorative lines that are different from other decorative materials for the sake of beauty on the decorative surface. Stainless steel wall decoration can add a family atmosphere, wild corners, soft color, simple lines, can ease the weight of the...Read More

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