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Skirting Profile

  • Custom Design Skiting Profile, Steel Skirting Profile

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    Custom Design Skiting Profile, Steel Skirting Profile

    Custom design stainless steel floor Skirting profile made in China Latest News: 2018 JECA DECOR WILL BE THE FAIRS,WELCOME TO VISIT US! &Read More

  • Stainless Steel Skirting Board

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    Stainless Steel Skirting Board

    Stainless steel skirting board Stainless steel skirting board installation points: The fixed stainless steel skirting board nails use special screw nails, so the fixing effect is better and it is not easy to loosen. Thestainless steel skirting board was originally designed to...Read More

  • Art Deco Skirting Boards

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    Art Deco Skirting Boards

    Art deco skirting boards features: Stainless steel baseboards are corrosion-resistant, water-proof and moisture-proof. Art deco skirting boards technical parameters: thickness 0.3mm-2.0mm, etc., can also be customized, generally selected 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless...Read More

  • Skirting Board Profiles

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    Skirting Board Profiles

    Skiing board profiles will be used extensively in home renovations. The use of skirting board profiles will greatly enhance the overall aesthetics of home renovations. There are also various types of skirting board profiles. Personally feel that stainless steel skirting board...Read More

  • Brushed Stainless Steel Skirting

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    Brushed Stainless Steel Skirting

    Brushed stainless steel skirting is the safest and most environmentally friendly building material. It is completely made of natural minerals and fired at high temperatures. It has absolutely no harmful radioactive elements on the human body. Its texture is tight and its...Read More

  • Metal Skirting Board

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    Metal Skirting Board

    Metal skirting board is the most outstanding environmental protection material, acid and alkali resistant, chemical resistant, and is the most suitable decoration material for near-water construction. Metal skirting board is rich in color and variety, and can be matched with...Read More

  • Traditional Skirting Boards

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    Traditional Skirting Boards

    Traditional skirting boards Is the most outstanding environmental protection material, acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance, is the most suitable decoration materials in the near water Traditional skirting boards Stable performance, free from any climatic...Read More

  • Shadow Gap Skirting

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    Shadow Gap Skirting

    The shadow gap skirting has stable performance and is not affected by any climatic conditions. It has excellent crashworthiness and can provide you with ideal angles according to your mounting requirements. The shadow gap skirting is waterproof and will not be mildewed,...Read More

  • Stainless Steel Skirting

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    Stainless Steel Skirting

    Stainless steel skirting can increase the family atmosphere, wild corners, soft color, simple lines, can ease the bearing on the heart, give us a relaxed and happy feeling, awaken our desire to go home Stainless steel skirting is waterproof and will not be mildewed, deformed...Read More

  • Sheet Metal Skirting

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    Sheet Metal Skirting

    Green environmental protection, because the sheet metal skirting selected are all environmentally friendly raw materials, so its layout in the house can effectively ensure tasteless, and because the entire renovation did not paint the process, so also solve the decoration...Read More

  • Bedroom Skirting Boards

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    Bedroom Skirting Boards

    "The speciality of stainless steel makes the wall more delicate and reflects the ambient color. If it is matched with water, It is full of dreamy colors. " New home decoration, many people think that the tile is attached, as long as it is not the best, it is the...Read More

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