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Wood Line Purchase Notice Apr 04, 2018

1, the use of different types of data

According to the data can be divided into solid wood lines, finger-connecting lines, artificial plate lines, wood-plastic composite lines

2, according to the shape of different parts The first role of the wood line has two, one is to install decorative line manufacturers repair role, the first is to use the processing of a better line of the visual function of the lack of good picture frame line parts. The second is to maintain the role, especially in the veneer of the shell, in order to avoid the veneer surface impact of the use of scratches, can choose to use wood lines.

The kick line is one of those.

Standard for Wood line scale

1, there are many standards of wood lines, during which common wood line of the standard is 30*50mm, this standard refers to the length and width of wood lines, this standard wood lines are used primarily as a shelf to make wood keel, and some can also use the wood line here for some interior decoration structure.

2, 60*90cm is also a common standard of wood lines, common old furniture using the standard wood lines as the majority of the structure.

3, there is 120*40mm of wood lines, such as the standard scale of wood lines can be called the door side, is used to do the skeleton of the door, both sides in the post board.

Wood Line Purchase Notice 1, wooden baseboard thickness is more and more thin, can do 5 mm thick, nailed to the wall can be, save the material.

Wood line height is generally in the 100~150mm scale, the length is several meters, the first is made by the hard miscellaneous machinery processing. 2, the different finishes can use the convex round line (also may use the metal line). The wood line generally chooses the adhesive to fix, then nails the yuan nail or the gun nail. The nail head should be flattened, the position of the nails should be in the groove of the wood line or the side of the back view.

When the semicircle wood bar height is less than 1.6m, it is nailed to the upper part of the circular line when it is greater than 1.7m. 3, solid wood door line processing quality is the key to the role of decoration. Buy solid wood door line should first see the whole solid wood door line is bright, plain, feel whether smooth, there is no burr. Solid wood door Line is straight, is also the important factor of choice.