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Why Metal Trim Jan 25, 2019

 In today’s tile world, matching bullnose is not always available for every application.  When this is the case we take a lesson from modern and European design and go to the metal trim options available to us.  Metal trim can be used in many places: Showers, tubs, floors, counter-tops and stairs, just to name a few.

Advantages of Metal Trim

Having a large, 1-3 inch wide, piece of bullnose is not always attractive.  A thin Jeca strip such as below give the necessary finish without the bulk.  Fine/small trim pieces help to highlight the tile and the layout you have chosen rather than adding another element to detract from the beauty of your tile.  

want a virtually invisible finish.


If you prefer, to have a more visible trim, and your selection does not have a tile bullnose,choose another design like below,  ranging in widths, the possibilities are endless.  Jeca stainless steel is perfect for floor connections, but also can be a decorative accent in any shower or tub.

Finish Options

There are such a wide range of finish options for using metal, let us explore some of these here. You can choose a trim to match your tile, there are many color and finish options to choose from.  OR, you can create a modern look with a contrasting accent.  The wide range of materials helps give you many options. Jeca trim will be your design consultant for all of your options.


There are a wide variety of options in metal trim.


If you have never seen projects finished using metal trim, check out below photoes for many uses.No matter if you are in the tile businss or furniture or interior decoration, metal trim help you make space more charming! Inquiry and come to us for details catalogue and recommendation.