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Using Stone Tools To Improve The Service Life Of Stone And Improve The Working Efficiency Apr 04, 2018

It is well known that the hardness of stone is very hard, at the same time because of its beautiful colors, various forms, so in the life has been widely used, the use of more and more, in people's lives are gradually greatly enlarged, with the development of the construction industry and the progress of decoration and decoration industries, has become a very common architectural application materials. At the same time, the hardness of the minerals in the stone is different, so the processing of a certain degree of suffering, this is the age of stone tools put forward higher requirements, in general, the particle distribution in the stone more uniform processing easier, because the overall nature are relatively similar,

In the processing of particles compared to those slices of the processing is also easier, the material is more mysterious than loose processing is easy, so in the choice of any tool and the choice of stone tool parameters is particularly important. Now the general stone tools are selected is the diamond material tool, stone tools in the field of rapid development, for diamond tools also put forward a very high demand, not only the requirements of these tools in the stone cutting process to cut quickly, the service life is also very long, but also required to be able to cut a variety of stone,

and cutting quality requirements are higher, because the diamond has some characteristics of metal, so can be very good to improve the cutting efficiency and a pound of service life and improve the working rate. In general, circular cutting tool because the cutting radius is relatively small, so the stone in the process of stress is relatively stable, and the quality of the cutting process directly determines the life of the stone.

Therefore, the development of stone tools will continue to improve. ...