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How To Identify Natural And Synthetic Plates Apr 04, 2018

Wood lines how to identify natural and synthetic plates natural veneer panels are made from natural wood with outstanding decoration function, and the artificial decorative panels from the natural wood lines without clear texture and characteristics of the color of wood line manufacturers and colors of wood, and then the technology to deal with the formation of characteristics of the texture and color of decorative panels.

They are able to distinguish European wood lines by following several objectives: (1) can be distinguished by the color and texture of the panel: Natural Decorative Panel because of its natural properties determine a batch of data (and even each) there are inconsistencies in color and texture, and some still have traces of the inability to deal with.

and synthetic decorative panel color and texture is acquired by artificial processing, their wood grain rules, color uniformity, uneven shading, texture map I very rules.

(2) After the marginal treatment of the appearance of the difference: natural plate edge is not smooth, multiple burrs, and artificial composite plate marginal smooth, straight.

(3) The standard thickness of natural plate is 3mm, and synthetic sheet can range from 3mm to 12mm.