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How To Allocate Corner Decorative Lines Apr 04, 2018

Method 1: color comparison method

Comparison method is selected the color of the corner of the moulding and metope and ground color. For light to dark, like the floor tile of light, and light color metope, can pick the color slightly darker corner line, for example: coffee dirt on line and so on, so do the moulding factory rather constitutes the greater the contrast of color, color difference more clearly.

Method 2: color convergence method

Convergence method is selected to corner the moulding of color and the ground may be metope color tend to be the same color, the color of all the different is not big, just differ in depth and brightness, and stick to the same variety in light color choose way may come near together. Near the color of the line that play a base, noble atmosphere, and do not show abrupt, and all the household decorate action coordination. For example, the original MuHuang of floor of wood of choose the color of the color with him near to do corner line, with a consistent coordinate of aesthetic feeling.

Method 3: refer to the law

Foundation line color selection can also refer to what we use frame line of colors to choose. Select similar to frame line color fastens can, the choice of this method can make the whole adornment effect to harmonic beauty very much.

Method 4: bedroom intrusive method

Corner decoration line color can be according to room basis to conclude that the area is small will choose a few color of the lighted can widen the vision eye color, don't choose too annoyed color, and the color is too dark. The room with larger area, will have to choose a write tonal darker colors, not the entire space look very open.

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