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Discussion On Interior Design Decoration Materials Apr 04, 2018

Interior design, decoration, material material is the material basis of interior design. Modern interior design rejects the traditional pure superficial "decoration", a large number of new technologies, processes and materials are used to pay attention to the relationship between material and space structure, material and color, material and illumination, so as to strengthen the function of materials in design, so that the material can really embody the use value and aesthetic value in practical application. Because of this, the decorative material has become the modern interior design culture connotation concentrated embodiment and the important explanation.

Only by mastering the various characteristics and functions of materials, scientific and reasonable selection and application of materials can improve the quality of indoor space environment, and create a comfortable and beautiful, safe and healthy indoor environment. Interior design is to create a good indoor space environment for the purpose, to meet people in the indoor production, life, work, rest of the requirements in the first place, so in the interior design to fully consider the use of functional requirements, so that the indoor environment rationalization, comfort, scientific; to consider the law of people's activities to deal with space relations, space size , space ratio, reasonable configuration furnishings and furniture, properly solve indoor ventilation, lighting and lighting, pay attention to the overall effect of indoor tones.

In the interior design must at the same time fully meet the customer's full functional needs, in a limited space to complete a variety of functional needs. Interior design in the consideration of the use of functional requirements, but also should consider the spiritual function requirements (visual reflection of psychological feelings, artistic infection, etc.). The spiritual requirement of interior design is to influence people's emotion, even affect people's will and behavior, so we should study people's cognition characteristic and law, study people's emotion and will, study the interaction between human and environment. Designers should use various theories and means to impact people's feelings, so that their sublimation to achieve the desired design effect. If the indoor environment can highlight some kind of conception and artistic conception, it will produce a strong artistic appeal and play its role in the spiritual function better.

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