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Decorative Line Installation Apr 04, 2018

The construction tools of the decorative line include saw blades, saws, tape measure, square, wire brushes, hammers, steel nails and so on. Be ready before the frame line works. Before the construction also must check the wall is not flat, the request plane does not have the bulge or the foreign matter and so on, for some SAG decorates the line factory place also to fill.

Ensure that the plane error is not more than 5 mm. The installation of the wall line is generally used cement mortar, the construction of mortar are dedicated to the era of bonded mortar and surface layer of polymer anti-cracking mortar. It is best to artificially stir, water is less, water and mortar ratio remained around 1:5. To change the water to stir, this process, the mortar must be mixed evenly, moderate. This is more conducive to adhesion, reduce the fall off. Paste in the time, as far as possible to wipe the cement mortar in place, but the wipe to thin, and then forcibly squeezed, this effect is best.

For some larger objects, it is best to temporarily strengthen the support. Installation is a meticulous work, the installation of the gap is also very attractive, generally maintained in the 3 mm or so, if not more than 3 mm, in the 2nd day it is best to use sandpaper grinding treatment.

If the gap is too large, it should be padded, do not exceed 1 mm error. Apart from the seams, there are various points of attention. For example, in some circular pillars pasted wall line, we should pay special attention to the width of the wall line, as well as the upper and lower flat line should be careful.

For some rectangular pillars to consider can not have cracks, the quality is mainly concentrated in the 45-degree angle of the place to prevent falling off. In some doors or window sill of the place, marble lines should be strictly prohibited seams, to ensure that both inside and outside, keep beautiful. Before installation must hit the bottom, so that the gap will not be obvious. There are some unique and bold interior design, but also use the wall line of the outer wall. The wall of the outer wall is used indoors, pay attention to the meticulous construction time, do not drill or dig the wall, keep the wall neat.