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Decorative Hardware More Intelligent Apr 04, 2018

Pay attention to green environmental protection building materials

Nowadays, with the change of the consciousness of people, all kinds of green building materials, low carbon has entered the ordinary people. All kinds of chemical compound pipes (such as PVC, PPR tube) with its light weight, corrosion resistance, anti-aging characteristics gradually take the place of cast iron and galvanized steel pipe; Gangsu doors and Windows, with its heat insulation, sound insulation, conductive, sealed performance is good wait for a characteristic, has become the preferred of energy-saving building materials; Energy conservation and environmental protection lamps and lanterns is also increasingly popular with people, become the new trend of consumption of lamps and lanterns and development; Does not contain preservatives, fungicide, zero - formaldehyde green inorganic and natural health coatings become the focus of an outfit.

Intelligent decorative hardware

Household life more and more important, for individual has higher requirement to living in comfort. Now people want "LanHanShi" way of life, began to demand that hardware is more and more humanization and intelligent. In hardware to use 35% of ambry industry is more obvious. In the design of integrated bathroom, water temperature automatic adjustment sanitary ware accessories, card lock, automatic door, induction switch, etc. Also begin to enter everyone's life. The intelligent design of household hardware products, not only easy to use, and overall modern house decorate a style is very harmonious. Therefore, household intelligent hardware is a big trend right now.

Hutch defends a practical and easy

Integral kitchen, facilities for the product that defend bath shows the characteristics of durable, practical, beautiful, generous. Such as cabinet sets of washing, chopping vegetables, Fried, electric appliances, receive, leisure, and other functions into an organic whole, and to extend its function to crush sundries, such as lighting, moth-proofing, practical material of wear-resistant, waterproof, flame retardant performance is high, the more the love of consumers.

More common floor, wall paper

In the modern home outfit, more consumers begin to do all kinds of wooden floor and wall decoration materials. Floor with its environmental protection, high-end, healthy character into homes, such as solid mu fu joins a floor board is beautiful, wear resistance, heat resistance, impact resistance, flame retardant, mouldproof, moth-proofing. Aggrandizement is compound the floor wear-resisting, stability, anti-static, pollution resistance, light resistance, resistance of cigarette calcination, easy installation, maintenance is simple; Cork floor flexibility strong, long service life, more environmental protection and sound insulation sex, quiet, comfortable, soft, etc.