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Building Energy Saving Is Inseparable From The Progress Of Application Technology Apr 04, 2018

Building can not be separated from building materials, building energy saving technology.

The development of building materials application technology is significant for building energy saving. Gu Jinghan, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that China's environmental problems, must be in the green building, green building materials, the development of more efforts, especially through technological progress, speed up the promotion of green buildings, accelerate the development of green building materials. He said 20 of the world's heavily polluted cities in China accounted for 16, a situation that must change as quickly as possible. Speaking of building energy efficiency, he said, Green building must be energy-saving buildings, energy-saving important link is the development and application of energy-saving materials.

For example, building energy conservation is an important issue, and doors and windows to heat preservation plays a key role, so to develop energy-saving doors and windows, energy-saving glass is a good choice for building energy-saving, so building energy-saving needs every specific technology to ensure. The academician also mentions that the building energy saving also must pay attention to the life span of the building, the long Life building is the energy saving building. This on the one hand on the building materials to choose durable solid, such as GRC material products such as high technology content of building materials, to ensure the soundness of the building; On the other hand, the design should also pay attention to the full use of natural conditions, the design of the building reasonably beautiful, to reduce the changes after completion At the same time, the local government must do a good job of planning, can not just built 20 years of construction said demolition on the demolition, artificially reduce the service life, this is a great waste of energy.

The future city construction still needs to develop, should attach great importance to and eliminate this kind of waste resource situation. ...