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What's glue sticking between tile and stainless steel trim? Jun 20, 2018

There are four situations:

The first one is to stick stainless steel on the top of the tile. Structural glue is used here.

The second one is to put tiles on stainless steel, where structural glue, glass glue, etc. can be used.

The third, the tile is directly attached to the wall (cement wall base) can use cement, tile adhesive.

The fourth, stainless steel is affixed to the wall. There is no way to use the template to make a bottom. Use the stainless steel to glue the structure into the card.

A ceramic tile is a kind of building or decorative material that is made of refractory metal oxides and semi-metal oxides through the process of grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, and sintering to form an acid-base resistant porcelain or stone. Always called tiles, the raw materials are mostly made of clay, quartz sand and so on.

Stainless steel is an abbreviation of stainless acid-resistant steel. It is resistant to air, steam, water and other weakly corrosive media or stainless steel. It is called stainless steel, and it will be chemically resistant to chemicals (acid, alkali, salt, etc. Corrosion resistant steel known as acid resistant steel