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What is the wall tile decorative trim? Aug 06, 2018

Wall tile decorative trim is not only a safety protection building material, but also a good accessory for modifying the paving. In the past, the more elaborate ceramic tile works, with a corner brick at the corner of 90 degrees. The corner bricks of the piece, regardless of the material and color, are the same as the tiles: however, due to high production costs, inconvenient handling, easy construction and wear and low wages, they are eliminated by the market and replaced by edge strips. It is only necessary to add a side strip of about 2.5cm in each corner, which can close the edge at once, which is fast and easy!

At present, the wall tile decorative trim has developed round, oblique and square shapes. There are many choices of colors and materials; from PVC plastic steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, pure copper to titanium and other metals. Texture, price and durability vary greatly with the thickness of the material and the manufacturing technology. If you use cheap products, you may have the drawback of greatly damaging the beauty of the space. In addition, due to the material relationship, it is impossible to require the color of the flower to be completely the same as the tile, but it can be used as the performance focus of the design.