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What is the process of decorating stainless steel tile trim? Jun 04, 2018

1. Batch ash. The ash is the first step in the renovation of Stainless steel tile trim. Only the first layer of ash on the grassroots level can make the cut line clearer.

2. Play the line. Put the sinker at the corner of the sun and use this vertical line as a reference. Make a parallel line of vertical lines on the two sides of the line. These two are the standard lines of the angle. Everyone must pay attention to the direction and verticality when doing this step. Only in this way will it make sense.

3. Brush putty. This step is very important in the process of decorating stainless steel tile trim. In addition to straightening the corners, we have to push the L-shaped aluminum alloy ruler several times in parallel so that the yin and yang angles will pass.

4. Check. After finishing the stainless  steel tile trim, we need to check, such as whether the angle is straight, there is no error, there is no place to deal with bumps.