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What do you pay attention to in the living room decoration baseboard? Jul 10, 2018

1. When we decorate the living room baseboard, we must first choose the color of the baseboard, but when we choose the color of the baseboard, this can choose similar or opposite colors according to the color of the ground or wall, and the colors are similar. This is also in harmony with the overall style of the room, so the opposite color can make the boundary more vivid, but the owner can choose according to his own preferences.

2. Next, let's talk about the type of baseboard. There are also many types of baseboards, such as stainless steel baseboards, but when we are decorating, if we are laying tile floors, then we can choose stainless steel to kick. The foot line, and if you are laying a wooden floor, choose a baseboard with solid wood.

3. There is still construction, when we are in the construction, then if the wall is covered with cement, etc., but we have to clean it first, so that the adhesive is applied at the location where the paving is needed, and When attaching the baseboard, be careful not to put paint and other substances on the skirting line, but the gap between the baseboard and the floor should be less than 3mm. Then if you need to drill holes when installing the baseboard, then we should know the layout of the water and electricity before drilling, and the distance of the hole should not be too large.