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What are the types of baseboards? Jul 06, 2018

1, stainless steel baseboard

Stainless steel baseboards are also relatively expensive due to material constraints. The installation process is also more complicated than the general baseboard, but its anti-aging ability is also outstanding, durable and very convenient to maintain, suitable for use in some modern decoration styles. .

2, wooden baseboard

Wooden baseboards can generally be divided into two types of solid wood and MDF. Among them, solid wood baseboards are used as higher-grade materials. The lines are clear and natural and beautiful. They are also welcomed by more and more families, and MDF skirting. The cost is relatively low, and it is also a good choice for economical decoration.

3, PVC baseboard

PVC baseboard is a relatively cheap one in the baseboard. It usually shows the effect of wood grain or paint with the skin. It looks close to the wooden baseboard but the texture is not as good as the former.

4, stone baseboard

The baseboard of stone material is also not easy to age. It is limited by the material and has a certain degree of complexity. However, it is easy to maintain and maintain. It is generally suitable for rooms with stone walls or tiles.

The color of the baseboard can also be selected according to the color of the door line. Choose the same or similar color as the door line so that the entire room has a consistent hue.