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What are the material characteristics of the new decoration materials? Jul 12, 2018

1: The production of raw materials from a wider range of sources is less restrictive, mainly using sawdust, straw rice husks and some agricultural machinery added to inorganic materials through special processing, production investment is small, cost and price is low, effective fast.

2: The process at the time of production is relatively simple, the degree of automation of the equipment is high, the manual use is small, the production uses the assembly line operation, and there is no noise and three wastes in the production process.

3: The energy consumption for production is very low, no high temperature, high pressure is needed, and the heat is released by means of chemical reaction, so as to meet the requirements of the production process.

4: Silver Stainless Steel Wall Tiles Trim is highly environmentally friendly and has very low pollution indicators. It has a high value for the development of modern society.