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What are the decoration techniques for the living room wall? Jul 05, 2018

1. The TV background wall is both the focus of the living room decoration and an important place to save money. Nowadays, many friends like to weaken the decorative effect of the TV background wall, and choose a simple design to reduce the cost while achieving satisfactory results.

2, convenient and practical wall stickers and stainless steel tile trim are all we can choose, as a TV background wall decoration, it is suitable for busy people who pursue a delicate life, a beautifully carved pattern just take it It's ok in the location where you need to decorate. The installation of stainless steel tile trim works well, but it also increases the richness of the wall.

3, a lot of friends will say that in the current home decoration, more and more owners have liked not to do or less ceiling, but this will not cause much indecent to the living room. The minimalist style of decoration can also become a popular trend, except that it can be simple and straightforward, and it is also largely economical.

4. If we think that the ceiling of the living room is simply not painted and the ceiling is not beautiful enough, in order to minimize unnecessary expenditure, you can choose to use a beautiful material such as gypsum board as a single-layer straight ceiling, and then some spotlights or The downlight is housed in the ceiling, which makes the home space look spacious and eliminates the need for complicated lighting.