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What are the baseboard materials? Jul 10, 2018

1. The wooden baseboard is made of wooden material and processed by special processing. It is the most common type of modern home decoration. Of course, the wooden baseboard has solid wood and MDF. Kind of wood, its solid wood is very high, so it is still rarely seen in the market.

2, PVC baseboard material, his appearance will generally imitate the wooden kicker, it can also be said to be a substitute for wood kicking, he uses the skin to reveal the visual effect of wood grain or paint, so it is very popular with consumers. Favor.

3, porcelain pottery or stone baseboard, these two materials kick, I believe that everyone must be familiar with it, it literally understands that porcelain pottery or stone baseboard is made of porcelain pottery or stone as raw material. Made of baseboard.

4. Finally, let us introduce the stainless steel skirting line. With the improvement of people's quality life, the decorative materials will be updated soon. Stainless steel material will also emerge, it is a new decorative material in modern home decoration, it can be said that it is a replacement product.