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Tips for buying outdoor moldings Jun 01, 2018

Tips for buying outdoor moldings

1. If you purchase unpainted wood, you should first check whether the whole wood line is smooth and level. If you touch it, you will feel no jabbing or burr. Feel the surface smooth by touching it. The pros and cons of the wood processing technology have a direct impact on the paint's appearance and visual effects. When purchasing a wood wire, you must not use any traces of burrs or knives on the surface. Pay attention to whether the wood is rotted, cracked, or damaged. Children, insect eyes and other phenomena.

2. When picking, whether or not the wood line is straight is an important factor in taking Taiwan, in addition to the situation of the opposite side of the next line. If there is still the rest of the time, you can buy unpainted wood, and then brush it with the furniture wood decoration, so that the effect will be better. If you have selected painted wooden lines, you can identify the number of wood, burrs from the back, pay attention to whether the surface is smooth, lacquer smear is not uniform, the color is not agreed, there is no color, color and other minor problems.

3. To buy various lines, according to the home decoration "press line, fill line" need to set specifications, fancy, where should be thick and heavy, where should be soft. There are various lengths and widths of wood lines, so you must measure the dimensions before you buy them, and calculate them accurately to avoid unnecessary losses.

4. Buy 304 #stainless steel Decorative profiles, 304 #stainless steel Decorative profiles with high strength, corrosion resistance, smooth surface, such as mirrors, water resistance, rub resistance, resistance to climate change features. ’ 304 #Stainless steel Decorative profiles decoration effect is good, is a high-grade decorative materials. For various decorative surface pressure line, close line, column angle pressure line and so on. There are two types of angle lines and slot lines.