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The wall decoration materials of these five living rooms are very good. Jul 04, 2018

The focus of the living room decoration is on the wall. It is a pity to let this treasure land be innocent. In fact, as long as you design a little and hang some art, you can also be beautiful. As for what kind of artwork or decoration to choose, and how to decorate it requires certain skills and design. So how do the wall decorations look good?

1. Wood. It is one of the most widely used materials for interior decoration. The walls, doors and windows, the floor and the frame of the large flower board and the furniture are all made of wood as a decorative material. It is hard, easy to construct, easy to maintain, and has a fine texture, which is good for plastics. shape. However, it is easy to deform, life is limited, and the price difference is large.

2. Glass. It is a transparent artificial material with good anti-acid, anti-corrosion, fireproof, flame-resistant characteristics, etc., generally has ordinary glass, flower glass, mesh glass, colored glass, synthetic glass and so on. But some are fragile~

3. Stone. It is divided into two types, one is natural stone and the other is artificial stone. Most materials are not easy to rot and burn, and the well has the characteristics of pressure resistance and wear resistance, but the construction is difficult and the speed is slow.

4. Tiles. It is ok to tiling the living room wall, but the wall tiles can be attached to a height of 70cm or 100cm. The stainless steel decorative line between the tiles is perfect. Ceramic products have low water absorption, corrosion resistance and strong anti-aging ability. Including glazed tiles, spotted glazed tiles, white pattern bricks, whole body bricks, etc.

5. Latex paint. The latex paint on the wall of the living room is suitable, because the latex paint has good staining ability and good decoration. It looks ordinary and not chic in the living room!