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The corner of the corner to choose chamfering or edge? Jun 27, 2018

New home decoration, many people feel that tiles are affixed, as long as the best is not out of nothing. In addition to this, the corners have to be trimmed to make the tile look uniform. Chamfers and edgebands are the most common methods. The better the two are, the more harmless they are without comparison.

In fact, the chamfering said that the two tiles that will be docked, the edge of 45 ° cut, so that the docking between the two forms a 90 ° right angle, and then use the US grout to fill the gap. Tiles treated in this way, the stitching effect looks smoother.

This method of processing is also more popular nowadays, but the popular one is not the best one. And this kind of angle is sharper, sometimes accidentally bumping can't always avoid it, and the damage is still quite big. Especially when there are children and the elderly at home, it is very unsafe.

The sideline is still relatively old. It mainly uses foreign objects to wrap corners and make corners look less sharp. Bumps are not as sharp as chamfers, and harm to the human body is relatively small.

The edge strip is easy to install relative to the chamfer, and it is not easy to accumulate dust for cleaning. The edge band basically chooses metal material or ceramic material, these two have their own advantages, how to choose or see personal hobbies, and then the style with.