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Stainless steel decorative line is a very good decorative material. Jun 21, 2018

The color stainless steel decorative line is colorful and colorful. It is a very good decorative material. It is decorated with elegant and luxurious quality. The color stainless steel wire also has strong corrosion resistance, high mechanical properties, and the color surface will not fade over time and the color will follow. Different lighting angles will produce the characteristics of changing colors, color stainless steel wire and color surface layer can withstand 200 °C temperature, salt spray corrosion resistance is better than normal stainless steel, color stainless steel wire wear resistance and scratch resistance performance is equivalent to foil coating gold performance. When the color stainless steel wire is bent at 90°C, the color layer will not be damaged, and it can be used for decoration of hall walls, ceilings, elevators, car trunks, building decoration, signboards, etc. Colored stainless steel wire is generally used for decorative wall surfaces. .