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Stainless steel decorative board use method Jul 04, 2018

1, 316 stainless steel material, slightly more nickel than the 304 type, and contains 2% -3% of molybdenum, corrosion resistance is better than the 304 type, especially in the chloride medium tends to cause pitting corrosion. Model 316 has been developed for use as a sulphite pulper because it is durable with sulfuric acid compounds. Moreover, its use has expanded to handle many chemicals in the processing industry. Type 317 stainless steel, containing 3% - 4% molybdenum (which is also the higher level obtained in this series), and contains more chromium than Type 316, with higher pitting and crack corrosion resistance.

2, 304 stainless steel material, widely used materials. It can withstand general rust in buildings, resists corrosion from food processing media (but can corrode at high temperatures containing concentrated acids and chlorides), and is resistant to organic compounds, dyes and a wide variety of inorganic compounds. Type 304L (low carbon), good nitric acid resistance, and durable medium temperature and concentration of sulfuric acid, widely used as liquid gas storage tanks, as low temperature equipment (304N), other consumer products, kitchen equipment, hospital equipment, transportation Tools, wastewater treatment equipment.