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Simple decoration decoration notes Jul 26, 2018

1, the color should not be too much

Nowadays, many households choose furniture first, and then set the style of home decoration. It is necessary to pay attention to the space when matching space. It is best to use the color of the same color as the main color of the furniture. On this basis, add soft contrast or intermediate color accessories. In order to create an elegant and harmonious atmosphere.

2, the accessories should be reasonable

To make the simple European furniture completely exude its charm, it is inseparable from the role of accessories, wallpaper, lamps, paintings, flooring, home textiles, stainless steel tile trim, etc. should be just right. Wallpapers can be selected with complex patterns, artistic stripes, floral patterns or stories and characters; lamps require round lines, soft light, quaint wrought-iron branches are the first choice; paintings require thick ink, and the frame must be thick. Matching; the texture of curtains and bedding should be elegant, you can use tassels and lace as decoration; the floor must be carpeted, the pattern and color are relatively flat, and should not be too fancy.