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Recommend to everyone the most popular decoration style. Jul 11, 2018

1. To talk about the most popular decoration styles now, we must first talk about the modern minimalist style. After 1919, it finally developed into a "minimalism" style, apartment and duplex in foreign countries. The building is particularly popular.

2. As a product of the European Renaissance, the classic design style continues the luxurious, dynamic and varied visual effects of the Baroque style. It also draws on the aesthetic and rhythmic details of the Rococo style, and is influenced by the upper class. Like it.

3, rural and rural style, is characterized by returning to nature, not carving the rural style to advocate "return to nature", so it has been liked by many young friends, aesthetically respecting "natural beauty", that only the advocating nature, combining nature, can Get a balance between physiology and psychology in today's fast-paced social life.

4. The neoclassical design style is actually an improved classicism style. The neo-classical style ranges from simple to complex, from whole to partial, with a finely crafted, gold-encrusted impression. It also retains the general style of materials and colors, and can still feel the traditional traces of history and rich cultural heritage, which is why people like neoclassicalism.