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Introduction of various lines used in home improvement Apr 04, 2018

1. Wood Line

Wood lines are commonly used in the home decoration lines, mostly used for wood finishes, usually I think there are the following:

A. Solid wood lines Solid wood lines are solid wood processing lines, such lines are required to process, the basis of the exterior is also wood line manufacturers into the finished processing. Commonly used in home furnishings are white wood, teak, beech, walnut, maple, oak, oak, cherry, red Shadow wood, white shadow wood, zebra wood, sapele, and so on and so on. Of course, I also tested similar mahogany lines, such as African flower pear, Brazilian pear lines, for the cooperation of the whole role, selected. But the type of mahogany lines to be careful of the deformation of the line, some data has not been drying, so the device after deformation will be more contrast.

Pass the formula used in the wood lines, are made by our planners to draw a grid map and then commissioned manufacturers to set processing, this is not the same as the traditional decoration company, because I trust the details of the line is also part of the decoration, so reluctant to use the formula of the line. Planners are also not bound by the lines, of course, the price will be more significant to the owners, to say a real doubt, many decoration companies in the construction price does not show the appearance of wood lines and thickness, and some even do not show the lines of raw materials, often with XX broad solid wood line for the price, I think this will be in the future of the construction cause ambiguity,

And not comparable.

B. Paste the wood-skin compound line This type of line at the bottom of the usual FIR finger-board and surface layer for the veneer, but also divided into the surface of the paint and paint, but I do not like, because the former did not understand the construction technology at the time by the construction unit fooled, the results? After the paint, the wood lines start to shell, foaming. The surface layer is different from the bottom material to form the shell after water or paint deformation. Of course, some of the time had to have such lines, such as planners planning the wood veneer plywood to cooperate with the wood line does not have such a corresponding solid wood lines, this time can only be used to the corresponding paste wood line.

I also have my own experience about this, first of all try not to plan such things, because the planning function will be very different, but the feasibility of construction is not high, of course, the only way to use such raw material lines commissioned by the professional manufacturers to cooperate in the construction, small factory machine sticker technology is not high, will certainly affect the future use of.

C. Density board lines, words too literally that is the use of MDF computer carved lines, the advantage is carved briefly, the role of intense, but the defect is the density of the plate contrast tender, on the paint to conceal difficult, and raw materials loose, easy to touch injury.

2. Plaster Line Gypsum Line Trust We are not unfamiliar, the traditional decoration to do the top will be used, and the original role of Gypsum line is to do surface and surface cutting function, some wall and top of the junction building is not very level can also go through the plaster line to taboo ornaments.

Inexpensive decoration materials, equipment is also brief. On the quality of gypsum line, I think the key is strength and lubrication, strength of the bottom of the fabric now fabric, can be purchased before the section to see the section of the fiber network is a single layer is still multilayer, lubrication can be visually visual. Of course, there are conditions can also buy as far as possible the gypsum line products, Shanghai area with a lot of the Sui Hua, Silver Bridge and other brands, the quality is stable, the price is slightly more expensive, but buy a rest assured.