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How to use the wall tile decorative trim? May 30, 2018

How to use the wall tile decorative trim?

The wall tile decorative trim is a kind of profile that is used on the wall to make the corner more neat and beautiful. In addition to aesthetics, the corner bezel reinforces the corners at the same time to prevent dents and other damage to the corners. Under normal circumstances, the corner strips are all 90° angled and can slide between the floor and the ceiling of the wall. Once aligned, they can be attached to corners.

Thewall tile decorative trim are useful for the corner strips outside the corners of the corner and also for the inner corner corners, which can be easily secured. It is not a very difficult task to use the corner guards. When the corner guards are installed, it is necessary to cover the walls with putty, cover the edges of the nail holes and the corner guards, and perfectly integrate the corner guards and the wall. Then, The walls are colored and the protective strips are colored together during this process. In Europe, America, Japan and Australia and other developed countries, wall tile decorative trim have been widely used. In recent years, due to its own advantages, it has also been favored by more and more architectural decoration companies in mainland China. In the near future, the wall tile decorative trim will surely be rapidly used in China.