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How to decorate the living room TV background wall? What material is better? Jun 01, 2018

1, natural stone, tiles, stainless steel wall tiles trim 

Advantages: The types of natural stone, ceramic tile, and stainless steel wall tiles trim  are various, and the style is ever-changing. The color is naturally harmonious. Stainless steel wall tiles trim  is a good choice for high fashion. Stainless steel wall tiles trim  can be well matched in any style of decoration. Stainless steel wall tiles trim  are commonly found in some noble and elegant homes.

Disadvantages: It is necessary to pay attention to the choice of gloss and brightness, lack of gloss and brightness will make the room look too cool.

Price: The price of tiles on the wall is 300 yuan -1000 yuan / square meter, and the stone varies according to the price of the material itself, like a better marble can reach 1000 yuan -2000 yuan / square meter.

2, gypsum board

Advantages: Light weight, high strength, easy processing, good fire resistance, sound insulation, etc., are very popular in recent years.

Disadvantages: The disadvantage of this material can not be avoided is the complex shape, long construction period; because it is done together with the wall, once you choose it is difficult to change the shape or style, so with the people now light decoration decoration concept conflict .

Price: The price of gypsum board is determined according to the pattern drawn, and the price ranges from tens of tens of dollars to several hundred dollars.

3, wallpaper, wall cloth

Advantages: In recent years, due to advances in the production process, wallpapers and wall coverings have become more environmentally friendly and convenient, and the number of people who choose them as TV backdrops has continued to increase. The colorful and numerous types of them have an exceptionally strong hiding power. They often need simple embellishments to avoid blemishes and create good results, and the construction is very quick.

Disadvantages: The inadequacy of the two lies in too much dependence on the quality of viscose, which often directly affects the service life of both.

4, wooden materials

Advantages: As a kind of material widely used in homes, wooden materials must be familiar to everyone. Similarly, the TV background wall can also use this inexpensive material. It is not only diverse and easy to clean, but it is not easy to clash with other wood materials in the home. Instead, it can be better matched with a uniform decorative style. .