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How to decorate the living room? Aug 21, 2018

1. If the height of the living room is still high, you can choose to decorate it into a floor-to-ceiling window. It is very luxurious and has a full view of the outside.

2. If the scenery outside the living room is very good, or if you have a beautiful view by the sea, you can put the sofa in the living room facing the beautiful scenery, so you can also look at the green plants to protect your eyes while you are resting. You can also enjoy the beautiful scenery and enjoy the mood. Oh.

3, if the living room area is very wide, you can directly in the same space with the table, a little decoration.

4, sometimes when you are staying outside, you will also encounter some theme hotels or something, in fact, you can also put a theme in your living room. Generally speaking, the style and tone styles are inseparable from the theme. For example, if it is a little girl's favorite, warm and lovely, you can make a pink theme.

5, the overall decoration style of the living room, but also with the corresponding floor, the color of the floor, style and material are closely related to the style of the living room, if your style is warm, the result is a black floor, imagine how terrible. For example: the rustic living room, it should be matched with the wooden floor of the same rustic style.

6. If you feel that the living room and the dining table are not beautiful together, you can choose the living room with a balcony to decorate into a dining table. Just use a door to separate it, giving people the feeling of another home.

7. If you feel that your living room is not big enough, you can use the balcony to open the balcony and the living room. The space is instantly enlarged. The rest of the sofa in the living room and the rest of the sofa on the balcony give people a different feeling of enjoyment.

8. Whether it is to divide the living room into a dining table or a small study room, Xiaobian suggestion can be separated by some bead curtains or beautiful curtains, and the space decoration will be much more beautiful.