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How to decorate the bedroom? Jul 25, 2018

1. Before decorating the bedroom, you must first determine its decoration style. Usually the decoration style, layout, color and decoration of the bedroom are all centered on the bed. Because the bed occupies most of the bedroom decoration space, only the position of the bed can be determined before the bedroom decoration style can be selected.

2. Many owners will feel that installing the ceiling in the bedroom will increase the overall decoration effect, but this is wrong, because installing the ceiling in the bedroom will affect people's sleep. It is generally not recommended to install a ceiling in the bedroom. At the same time, in order to ensure better sleep quality, the soundproofing materials such as fabric sound absorbing panels, high-density foam boards and sound-absorbing cotton can be used for top decoration to enhance the sound insulation effect.

3. When decorating the bedroom, try to design it as a simple wall shape, which is not too complicated, otherwise it will easily create a sense of space depression. When choosing the wall color, you can choose according to the occupants' personal preferences and decoration style. In general, the use of beige, light green, light gray can help people sleep and rest, while the use of blue can eliminate tension.

4. Floor and carpet are often used in the bedroom for floor decoration. They not only give the occupants a soft, comfortable foot feel, but also have good insulation and quietness. People who sleep lighter can also add soundproofing materials to the floor of the bedroom to enhance the sound insulation.

5. When selecting the bedroom door, choose the product with sound insulation and high environmental performance for purchase; the window should be selected according to the living environment, the most commonly used are aluminum alloy window and plastic steel window; Try to choose a material with weak light transmission. If you choose a curtain fabric with strong light transmission, it is easy to affect people's sleep.

6. In the bedroom lighting selection, the milky white ceiling lamp should be used as the main light, installed in the center of the bedroom, and several small wall lamps can be installed on the wall of the bed as auxiliary lamps to enhance the quiet and gentle atmosphere of the bedroom.