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How to choose the decoration lace line? Apr 04, 2018

1, the purchase of wood lines: in the selection of wood lines we should pay attention to its appearance is smooth and flat, no burr, texture is also better, not be able to distort and oblique curved scene, we also have to carefully see whether the wood lines are due to damp and deformation.

Second, we also have to pay attention to the color of wood lines, each wood line should be uniform colors, paint should also be bright and evenly painted, no mildew point, cracking, pedantic, poles and other scenes. 2, Gypsum line purchase: The first look, the plaster line appearance color whiter than and dry and strong, the appearance of the shape should also be clear sharpness, can not have bubbles, cracks, and the service life should be very long. If the plaster line of the appearance of yellow color, uneven appearance, the use of the scene of the rupture of gypsum board must be defective, in the choice should be noted. Second look at the section, finished plaster line to have a number of layers of fiber nets, so that the plaster line attached to the fiber network, will add the strength of gypsum line, so the layer and quality of the fiber network and Gypsum line quality has close contact. If in the purchase of the plaster line found in the net using grass, cloth and other materials to replace that must not choose. After looking at the stripe depth, usually a good point of the plaster line markings should be above 10 cm, if the height of the stripes between 5 centimeters to 9 centimeters to explain the quality of this type of gypsum line is poorer.