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How is the wall decorated? Jun 25, 2018

The entire surface of the wall is covered with a base board, and the exterior is equipped with ceramic tiles and stainless steel decorative lines. The overall effect is elegant and luxurious. Various types of stainless steel decorative lines are available, fashionable and generous, and the stainless steel decorative line can be installed to give people a feeling of being bright and very comfortable. There is also a kind of wall covering the entire surface of the board, such as a density board, but the above Brushed with white latex paint, from the outside can not see is the use of plate decoration, it is the use of density plate cutting convenient, neat and straight edge characteristics, through the plate splicing to do straight lines, pits and other shapes, so that can The walls are flat and meticulous in shape, which avoids the sense of crowding caused by heavy use of plates.主图放第一.jpg