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Functions and features of European lines Apr 04, 2018

European lines (EPS decorative lines) in recent years in China's emerging natural wood line manufacturers a kind of building decoration materials, its appearance in the domestic design industry has caused great repercussions, and soon got the domestic many designers recognized and adopted. Its appearance has completely overturned the exterior wall decoration line only uses the GRC and the plaster tradition, in the construction profession widely to receive the attention.

Compared with traditional GRC and gypsum, the new style European line (EPS decorative line) has the advantages of: (1) Light weight, EPS line aggregate for polystyrene, its finished products heavy European line manufacturers about GRC decorative line about 1/6, a person that can move, construction. And fire, waterproof, moth, mildew, anti-cracking.

Construction convenient and simple, suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor decorative materials, is a new green decorative material.

(2) The main products are carved, window set line, waist line, door set line, eaves line, Corbel, Roman, door ornaments, decorative components and other products, and can accept drawings custom-made. (3) Strong paste. European lines (EPS decorative lines) are mainly used polymer mortar and wall bonding, polymer mortar is to add organic glue to inorganic materials cement mortar mixing made, long service life, strong bond, and has national standards and norms, and in a large number of engineering applications proved to be safe and reliable,

Therefore, it avoids the hidden danger of the anchor bolt Fixing method construction and the anchor bolt Rust, and solves the problem of exterior wall external thermal insulation cold and hot bridge completely. (4) Easy installation, using special bonding materials and methods, a person can install construction, especially the large amount of line works, just bonding installation.

The pattern effect is clear and natural, elegant and luxurious. (4) No gap between lines.

European lines (eps decorative lines) between the use of the same wall with the same gap filling materials, gaps disappear, in the future use will not appear cracks. (6) Environmental protection: the use of synthetic fiber as raw material, to achieve national engineering decoration non-toxic Harmless green product standards.