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European decorative line installation introduction Jun 04, 2018

European decorative line installation introduction

Decorative line construction tools include saw blades, hand saws, tape measures, squares, wire brushes, hammers, steel nails, and the like. Prepare before construction. Before the construction, it is also necessary to check whether the wall surface is flat. It is required that the flat surface be free from projections or foreign objects, etc. It should be filled in places where some depressions are formed. Ensure that the plane error does not exceed 5 mm.

The installation of the wall line is generally made of cement mortar. The mortars used in the construction are special-purpose adhesive mortars and surface layer polymer anti-cracking mortars. It is better to mix it by hand. The water should be less, and the ratio of water and mortar should be kept at about 1 to 5. To add water and stir, in the process, the mortar must be mixed evenly and moderately. This is more conducive to sticking and reducing shedding. When plastering, try to wipe the cement mortar in place, but wipe it thin and then squeeze it hard. This works best. For some larger objects, it is best to temporarily strengthen the support.

Installation is a meticulous task. The installation gap also affects the appearance. It is generally maintained at about 3 mm. If it is less than 3 mm, it is best to be sanded on the second day. If the gap is too large, it must be stuffed so that the error is no more than 1 mm.

In addition to seams, there are various points of attention. For example, when sticking a wall line to some circular columns, special attention must be paid to the width of the wall line, and the upper and lower plate lines should also be carefully studied. For some rectangular columns, we must consider that there should be no cracks, and the quality is mainly concentrated at a 45-degree angle to prevent it from falling off.

In some doors or sill places, marble lines must be strictly non-joint, to ensure that inside and outside the same, to maintain the appearance. Be sure to hit the bottom before installing. In this way, the gap will not be obvious. There are also some unique bold designs in the interior that will also use the exterior wall line. The wall line of the exterior wall is used indoors. Attention should be paid to the meticulousness of the construction. Do not scratch or dig the wall to keep the wall clean.