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Decorate European lines what is made of Apr 04, 2018

Decorative European lines are what to do the decorative European line is made of polystyrene as the main body, paste alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh cloth, with special anti-cracking mortar outside the protective coating compound. 1, European line is China's architectural decoration engineering to introduce new materials.

It is not affected by the natural wood line temperature changes, cold, heat, not by the damp gas Hou Mu line manufacturers and the impact of acid rain, fire and will not emit toxic substances, is environmentally friendly high-quality decorative building materials products.

2, the advantages of European lines: (1) Light quality, a person can be European-style wood line to move, construction.

And fire, waterproof, moth, mildew, anti-cracking. (2) Strong paste.

European lines are mainly used polymer mortar and wall bonding, polymer mortar is to add organic glue to inorganic materials cement mortar mixing made, long service life, Bond firmly. (3) No gap between lines.

European line between the use of the same wall with the same gap filling materials, gaps disappear, in the future use will not appear cracks. (4) Environmental protection: the use of synthetic fiber as raw material, to achieve national engineering decoration non-toxic Harmless green product standards.