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Commonly used decorative steels are stainless steel and its products. Jul 20, 2018

Commonly used decorative steels are stainless steel and its products, color coated steel plates, painted galvanized steel plates, constructional profiled steel plates, light steel keels and so on.

1, the corrosion resistance principle of stainless steel

Since chromium is more active than iron, in stainless steel, chromium first combines with the environment to form a dense oxide layer that is firmly bonded to the steel matrix, called a passivation film, which protects the alloy steel. No rust.

2, the classification of stainless steel

According to its chemical composition, it can be divided into chrome stainless steel, chrome nickel stainless steel and high manganese low chromium stainless steel. According to different corrosion resistance characteristics, it can be divided into ordinary stainless steel (referred to as stainless steel) and acid-resistant steel.

The former has the ability to withstand atmospheric and water vapor erosion. In addition to its resistance to atmospheric and water vapor, the latter also has good corrosion resistance to certain chemical corrosive media (such as acid, alkali, salt solution). There are more than 40 kinds of commonly used stainless steels, among which stainless steel for architectural decoration is mainly Crl8Ni8, 0Crl7Ti and 1Crl7Mn2Ti. It can also be divided into ferritic stainless steel (not hardened after quenching), martensitic stainless steel (hardened after quenching), austenitic stainless steel (high chromium nickel type) according to the reaction and microstructure of stainless steel after 900-100 °C high temperature quenching treatment. ).