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Brief introduction of EPS building decoration parts Apr 04, 2018

EPS decorative line is a new type of exterior wall decoration lines and components, suitable for installation of external wall EPS, XPS insulation wall, can not only reflect the European classical, elegant decorative style, but also to ensure that the main building outside the wall does not appear cold, hot bridge effect. 

EPS decorative lines by the demoulding B2-grade fire-retardant poly-vinyl ethylene as the main body, paste alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh cloth, with a special bond outside the protective layer of composite. Not affected by temperature changes, cold, heat resistance, not affected by humid climate and acid rain. EPS decorative lines can be fireproof and will not emit toxic substances, is environmentally friendly high-quality decorative building materials products. EPS decorative lines using computer numerical control cutting, production fast, variety models, such as lines, Roman, window sets, brackets and so on, can be installed in the four edges of the window, the door edge, eaves angle and wall body, so that the façade of the building more beautiful, more architectural designers bring new, different ideas.

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