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Baseboard color: the right choice to embellish the comfort space Jul 13, 2018

1. According to the color of the door line

       If the skirting is seen as a line, then the baseboard is connected to the doorline. Selecting the same or similar color as the doorline, the entire space looks very smooth. And the door is one of the main shades of a space, the consistent color looks more harmonious and beautiful.

       2. Select according to lighting conditions

       The space for lighting is bright, the whole looks brighter, and the requirements for the baseboard are relatively low. On the basis of not destroying the overall space style, the color depth does not matter. If the lighting is poor, it is best to choose a baseboard with a good brightness and a suitable color and space. The dark color is avoided. The lighting conditions of the living room will affect the color depth of the floor, door cover and baseboard. If it is a room with good lighting conditions, it can be used in general. However, if the lighting conditions are not good, it is best to choose materials with higher brightness and suitable color to avoid the use of dark colors.

       3. According to the floor color selection

       Stainless steel skirtings are generally at the junction of the floor and the wall, so the color of the skirting line can be selected according to the floor, and it is easier to show the decorative effect of the entire space, which can make the space decorative effect more direct, highlighting the floor. The color, which is intuitive to see the difference between the baseboard and the floor, is currently used in most home renovations.


4. Select according to the space area

      The size of the space will also affect the color selection of the baseboard. Under normal circumstances, if the space is small, it is better to choose the color similar to the ground. Otherwise, if the space is large, the baseboard should be selected close to the wall color. of.

       5. Contrast method

       It is the skirting line that is completely opposite to the color of the floor. This contrast effect may produce unexpected effects. The requirements are high. If you don't understand the color matching and decoration, it is easy to match the inappropriate contrast color and create a sense of violation. .