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304 stainless steel decorative trim installation and construction points Jul 17, 2018

1 installation method

(1) The installation of stainless steel lines adopts the method of closing the surface without nails. Its process:

1 First fix a wooden lining with the nail at the four positions. The width and thickness of the wooden lining are slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the stainless steel or copper groove.

2 Then on the wooden village, Xu epoxy resin (universal glue), in addition to epoxy resin in the stainless steel strip, and then the line is stuck on the wood strip.

3 If the stainless steel decorative trim has a shape, the wood should also be shaped.

(2) The surface of the stainless steel line letter is generally affixed with a protective layer of plastic tape. The plastic tape should be peeled off from the stainless steel groove after the finish is finished. If there is no plastic tape protective layer on the surface of the line groove, the upper layer of the metal wire installation method of Figure 6-6-48 should be applied before construction to avoid damage to the surface of the line during construction.